Americaki Daredi is a hilarious short film about a guy who wants to visit America and meet his friend.

Sudharshan alias Sudha is a young guy who wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. While chilling with his friend, he gets a call from another friend Balu who lives in America. He believes that life in America is just enjoyment and decides to go there. Sudha and his friend visits a consultancy and the consultant asks him to attend an exam inorder to complete the formalities. The rest of the story is about how he manages to fulfill the formalities to fly to America.

Director’s Note: Save girl child, support MARD(Man Against Rape & Descrimination)

Cast and Crew:

Artistes – Sudarshan Reddy, Phani, Gowtham Sai,Chiranjeevi, Sundeep, Tribhvan,Kamalesh and Avish

Story, Dialogues and Directed by Srikanth N Reddy

Assistant Direction – Bharani

DOP – Karthik, Avish